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About chemicals
Author: This site Source: This site Time:2015-04-29
  Human is in close relationship with chemical in modern life, it cannot be inseparable from the chemical products anytime and anywhere; ranging from food, clothing, shelter, line material life to the spiritual life, such as culture and art, entertainment, all need chemical products for the service. In the human development history, some chemical paly an epoch-making role. Their production and application, and even represent a certain historical stage of human civilization.
  Human beings to survive and development,constantly struggle with nature, gradually deepened the understanding of the world around, and mastered the skill of conquering nature and transform the world. After a long history of practice, human is good at using the natural condition, and created a rich material world for himself.
  The ancient people's life more depends on the direct use of natural substances, or extract something needed from it.Due to the inherent properties of materials can't satisfy people's needs, human started to produce a variety of processing technology, use the natural substance into a new material that has a variety of performance, and gradually put into practice on the scale of industrial production. At first, the production of this kind of product is a manual workshop, later evolved into the factory, and gradually formed a certain production department, the chemical industry.With the development of productivity, some production departments, such as metallurgy, oil refining, paper making, leather, etc., it has been separated as an independent from the chemical industry production department.When large-scale oil refining industry and petrochemical industry booming, based on chemistry, physics, mathematics and other engineering technology, study on common law of chemical production process, solve the scale and large scale in many engineering problems of discipline, chemical engineering has further improved
  In modern Chinese, the chemical industry, chemical engineering and chemical technology are referred to as chemicals, which they appear in different historical periods, each have different meanings, close relationship, mutual penetration. In people's minds, the term "chemical" has habitually become a pronoun with a general knowledge and career, its inportant significance on the national economy and engineering technology has attracted extensive interest, attracting tens of thousands of people to sacrifice their lives for it. Here from every aspect of human social life, briefly illustrate the chemical colorful content and its important contribution.
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