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Introduction of Lead Nitrate
Author: This site Source: This site Time:2015-04-29
  Lead nitrate, IUPAC Chinese name is lead(II) nitrate, it is nitrate of lead; usually it is colorless crystals or white powder.The difference with other lead(II), lead nitrate soluble in water. People usually put metal lead or lead oxide with mitric acid to make  lead nitrate, then further to compound other lead compounds.
  In history, lead nitrate is from the middle ages to Plumb dulcis for people to know the name, then from the metal lead or lead oxide preparation of lead nitrate by nitric acid production is small. In the 19th century , the lead nitrate was produced commercially  in Europe and the United States .  And it was mainly used as the main raw material of paints, but because of toxic,  gradually it was replaced by the low toxicity product --titanium dioxide. For other industrial use, it was used as a heat stabilizer in nylon, polyester, and thermal imaging used in paper coating. Since about 2000 years years ago, the lead nitrate has started to be used for cyanide gold method.
  Lead nitrate is toxic, a kind of antioxidant, it is classified as class 2A carcinogen by the international research institution for cancer . Therefore, it must take appropriate safety measures processing and preservation, in order to prevent the inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact. Because of its dangers, the application files of lead nitrate still are in the deliberation.
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