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Lead nitrate for PigmentYour current location:Home > Products > Lead nitrate for Pigment
  Molecular Formula: Pb(NO3)2
  Molecular Weight:  331.20
  Cas No.: 10099-74-8
  UN No.: 1469
  Hazardous Class: 5.1 Oxidizer
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  Character: white crystal powder, relative density 4.53(20), easily soluble in water, liquid ammonia, light dissolve in ethyl alcohol, not dissolve in concentrated nitrate acid, solubility 56.5g/100g water (20). Dry lead nitrate decompose at 205-223. Damp lead nitrate decompose at 100, first become Pb(NO3)2 . PbO, go on heating, then become PbO. It is strong oxidant, putting together with organics will lead it burning, noxious.
  Application: Used as tanning material for leather-making; dyeing mordant, producing Chrome Yellow, chrome orange (lead(II) hydroxide chromate) and other lead compounds. Specifications:

Purity(On Dry Basis):  

99% min

Free Acid(as HNO3):


Water insolubles:


Copper(as Cu):


Iron(as Fe):






  Packing: In net weight 25kgs, 500kgs, or 1000kgs UN approved plastic woven bags, lined with plastic liner

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